Seb Josse goes multi

The former ABN AMRO Two skipper started the year with Groupama, but now is to skipper an MOD 70
We’ve caught Seb Josse in two different team shirts this year. In January he was in Lanzarote in the Canaries as part of Franck Cammas’ Groupama sailing squad, undertaking their sea trials on the former Ericsson 4 in preparation for the Volvo Ocean Race. But since then Josse has jumped ship following his appointment as skipper of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild’s new MOD70. Having sailed the 2005-6 Volvo Ocean Race as skipper of ABN AMRO Two, Josse was at the centre of one of saddest episodes in contemporary offshore yacht racing history. Mid-way into the New York to Southampton leg of that race, Dutch crewman, Hans Horrevoets, one of the most experienced sailors on board, was washed overboard. Horrevoets was recovered, but the crew were unable to resuscitate him. Then, while they were still reeling from this devastating episode, they were instructed to go to the rescue the movistar crew, whose yacht was sinking from under them... “I never can forget what happened, but we have to move forwards and I know that even with a crew with a lot of experience, you can have accidents anywhere,” says Josse looking back at how that episode has affected him. “For sure I have thought about that a lot. I have this small stress about how we sail downwind when it is windy. It changed a lot my sailing and also when I see someone on board, I think it is a double effect, people know what happened, so when maybe I say to be safe earlier than normal, people listen to me. So I am more safe when I sail, but people also understand why that is.” Josse spent last summer sailing with Groupama, when time allowed from his Figaro campaign. Having not been involved with the last Volvo Ocean Race, Josse was impressed