Leg two sets off today

Mini Transat resumes today with a 3,130 mile leg from Funchal to Bahia

Thursday October 13th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

The second and substantially longer leg of the Charente Maritime Bahia Transat 6.50 sets sail from Funchal, Madeira today (Thursday) at 1330 local time, taking the 77 remaining competitors 3,130 miles down the Atlantic, across the Doldrums and the Equator to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Denis Hugues, Race Director, states: "The second leg takes the yachts into the southern hemisphere. They’ll head down towards the Canaries, where they are free to choose their route past or through them. There’ll be a few opportunities to get ahead between the islands of the archipelago, where the winds often pick up speed. But they’ll have to watch out for the significant becalming effect caused by the mountainous terrain of some islands [Tenerife, whose highest point stands at 3700 metres, creates a lee the effect of which can be felt up to 50 miles downwind]. The competitors will then find themselves following the trade winds towards the Cape Verdes, where the Minis’ position as they sail through the archipelago will decide which direction they take to get to the Doldrums.

"A gate of the course remains between Maio, the easternmost island in the archipelago, and San Antao, the westernmost. This will force the fleet to stay together for safety reasons. They’ll then have to position themselves as well as possible to approach the Doldrums, where the winds from the northern hemisphere meet those of the southern hemisphere. It’s a particularly tricky area where boats can be without wind for hours and then suddenly get caught up in a 50-knot squall. You therefore need to be on your toes the whole time to make sure you get out of the area as fast as possible. Some competitors may be caught out on the way through, and there may be a few surprises.

"Once across the Equator, and having made the traditional offering to Neptune, the competitors will pick up the southeast trades taking them to Salvador de Bahia. The ideal route is to go as far west as possible at the Doldrums and the Equator and emerge as far to the east as possible: as the dominant winds in the southern hemisphere will be east and south-east! In 2003, there were a number of surprises three days from the finishing line. Some of the favourites lost dismasted as a result of a stationary front over Salvador de Bahia that created a very strong swell … Nothing is ever finished! Obviously, all the competitors, from first to last, will be awaited with the same eagerness on the jetties of Salvador de Bahia.”
Weather trends… by Météo Consult.

The presence of a depression from Morocco to Guinea will lead to the development of unstable NNE flow around the Canaries. This depression will stop the evolution of high near the Azores. A low to moderate wind will strengthen between the Canaries and Cape Verdes. This will promote the speed and will force competitors to make many gybes. They should however be very careful because it will remain conducive to the development of thunderstorms.

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Unstable NNE force 3 towards the open sea. Sunny weather. Wind strengtheninh to Force 4 at night.

Friday, October 14, 2011
The wind becomes more organized Force 4 from the NNE. The air mass becomes unstable to the northwest of the Canary Islands. This increases the risk of storms.

Saturday 15 and Sunday October 16, 2011

On the approach of the Canary Islands on Saturday, the wind may shift to the northeast. The air becomes very unstable south of the Canaries. The risk of thunderstorms and strong gusts becomes higher in the afternoon and at night. If wind conditions remain through until Sunday, the air mass could become very unstable with strong thunderstorms and severe squalls.

Trend for next week
Persistence of the NNE moderate winds for the start of week, stronger near the Cape Verdes. The instability will decrease.

The Charente Maritime-Bahia Transat 6.50 is scored on the combined elapsed times for the first and second legs. So at present between the lead Protos, 28 minutes separates leg one winner Sébastien Rogues and David Raison while 1 hour 32 minutes back from Rogues is third placed Jorg Riechers. 20 prototypes remain within 12 hours of the leader going into this second leg and 27 within 24 hours.

In the Series class Benoit Mariette is 51 minutes ahead of Clement Bouyssou and 1 hour 28 minutes in front of Davy Beaudart. There are 16 boat within 12 hours of the leader and 36 within 24 hours of him.

Among the Brits, Dan Dytch on Soitec arrived in Funchal in 12th place, and has an 8.5 hour deficit on the Proto leader while Pip Hare on The Potting Shed, currently 29th, has 16 hours to make up on the Series leader. With more than 3000 miles still to sail there is still a lot of racing to be played out. 

Leg 1 times


Pos No Skipper Boat Time
1 716 ROGUES Sébastien EOLE GENERATION - GDF SUEZ 8d 20h 46m 43s
2 747 RAISON David TEAM WORK EVOLUTION 8d 21h 15m 8s
3 753 RIECHERS Jorg MARE.DE 8d 22h 19m 7s
4 679 DAVID Etienne TEAMWORK 8d 23h 59m 57s
5 667 LE BREC Guillaume OCCAMAT / ATD 9d 0h 1m 24s
6 802 BERTRAND Etienne CHASSEUR DE PRIMES 9d 0h 16m 13s
7 741 FERMIN Rémi BOREAL 9d 1h 50m 6s
8 787 NORMAND Thomas FINANCIERE DE L'ECHIQUIER 9d 1h 58m 12s
9 618 MONTAGNE Lucas ONG CONSEIL 9d 2h 30m 40s
10 198 PICAULT Sébastien KICKERS 9d 3h 45m 53s
11 509 SCHRODER Lucas BRUNEL 9d 4h 48m 33s
12 617 DYTCH Dan SOITEC 9d 5h 10m 52s
13 800 RIOUX Antoine FESTIVAL DES PAINS 9d 5h 13m 54s
14 417 DUCROZ Aurélien NISSAN 9d 5h 22m 32s
15 814 DARAMY Jean-Baptiste EKI HAIZEA 9d 5h 50m 53s
16 265 MARETTE Paul REGION NORD PAS DE CALAIS 9d 6h 30m 12s
17 791 REINHART Thibault ARALDITE® 9d 6h 59m 55s
18 719 BOIDEVEZI Nicolas DEFI GDE 9d 7h 19m 5s
20 347 GELABERT Aleix GAES-ANTAAS 9d 8h 42m 26s
21 754 DELESNE Bertrand ZONE LARGE 9d 10h 19m 11s
22 574 CREIGHTON Emma POCKET ROCKET 9d 11h 42m 6s
23 759 KOLACEK Milan GABEN > FOLLOW ME 9d 12h 57m 26s
24 606 CARME Donatien 606 CHERCHE SPONSOR 9d 15h 40m 20s
25 629 MAUFFRET Louis SOLIDAIRES 9d 17h 30m 40s
26 454 BOUCHET Romain IB REMARKETING 9d 17h 50m 17s
27 551 PATOU Henri ECARTIP 9d 18h 44m 50s
28 756 CARACCI Andrea SPEEDY MALTESE 9d 20h 57m 54s
29 797 CAVANOUGH Scott www.brainchild.org.au 9d 21h 49m 15s
30 542 ROSSETTI Tiziano UNA VELA PER EMERGENCY 10d 10h 21m 40s
31 513 GALLO Maurizio YAK 10d 22h 17m 48s
32 790 KOWALCZYK Radoslaw CALBUD  
AB 624 OLIVA Juan-Carlos ZUMEX  


Pos No Skipper Boat Time
1 599 MARIETTE Benoit ODALYS VACANCES 9d 8h 31m 39s
2 514 BOUYSSOU Clément DOUET DISTRIBUTION 9d 9h 22m 56s
4 535 MARY Renaud www.runo.fr 9d 10h 6m 10s
5 566 LLULL Eric NOBLE COCOA 9d 10h 37m 34s
6 552 BRASSEUR Pierre VOILES OCEAN 9d 11h 25m 51s
7 455 GAHINET Gwénolé ASSO WATEVER - gwenolegahinet.com 9d 11h 41m 28s
8 512 HOEBLER Cyril OCEARIUM DU CROISIC 9d 11h 53m 27s
9 739 LENGLET Benoît EVASOL 9d 15h 14m 41s
10 767 ENDT Ysbrand PRIME OF THE NORTH SEA 9d 16h 23m 35s
11 746 CIZEAU Pierre MASQHOTEL 9d 17h 36m 7s
12 781 SORIN Fabrice CARTOFFSET 9d 17h 43m 39s
13 721 CHOMBART DE LAUWE Pascal XANLITE 9d 21h 3m 31s
14 473 GUILLONNEAU Jean Claude ZERLINE 9d 20h 13m 54s
15 596 CHAVARRIA Renaud BEZIERS MEDITERRANEE 9d 20h 32m 10s
16 527 LAVAYSSIERE Hugo ARES&Co. 9d 20h 36m 23s
17 435 KERBOURIOU Vincent CGGVERITAS 9d 21h 9m 0s
18 591 BLANCHARD Florian MC TECHNOLOGIES 9d 22h 4m 16s
19 745 BEYER Susanne PENELOPE 9d 22h 27m 36s
20 519 DIDAC Costa SALAO 9d 22h 31m 20s
21 602 ROSEN JACOBSON Robert NED602 9d 22h 51m 33s
22 660 DUVIGNAC Marie CHRISTOPHE JOSSE - PARIS 9d 23h 18m 20s
23 529 GAILEY Bruce BLACK MAMBA 9d 23h 42m 38s
24 539 LAURIERE Benoit www.teamkalonig.com 9d 23h 48m 55s
25 636 MADDEN Jorge SAMSARA 9d 23h 48m 55s
26 772 BRÄNDSTRÖM Ulf GRPMS.COM 9d 23h 49m 4s
27 405 CLAVEAU Mathieu OKOUME LES CHEVAUX DU BEAL 10d 0h 14m 58s
28 757 ARCHIN Brendan ASSOCIATION LA TOULINE 10d 0h 20m 29s
29 743 HARE Pip THE POTTING SHED 10d 0h 29m 54s
30 758 TEN BRINKE Christa RAN OF THE NORTH SEA 10d 0h 49m 50s
31 697 FRANCOIS Amaury GROUPE QUALITEL 10d 1h 33m 13s
32 704 GESI Simone DAGADA' - SPIRITO DI MAREMMA 10d 2h 49m 15s
33 626 FREELS Björn RIKKI TIKKI 10d 3h 8m 12s
34 585 BOSSYNS Bert FELICITY II 10d 7h 9m 16s
35 472 CHUH Kan VMAX 10d 8h 20m 38s
36 728 PRONO David Get It Right, www.esi-group.com 10d 8h 24m 11s
37 796 GROUX Nicolas COUVAC 10d 10h 0m 50s
38 737 PAMIR Tolga YAKAMOZ 10d 10h 23m 8s
39 554 SABBATINI Giacomo SCUSAMI LE SPALLE 10d 10h 35m 27s
40 487 GUO Chuan VASA 10d 12h 16m 58s
41 744 SIMONNET Bruno EL NONO 10d 13h 12m 40s
42 230 BERTRAND Serge MINIMUM 10d 19h 13m 46s
43 769 FRATTARUOLO Sergio BOLOGNA IN OCEANO 10d 22h 42m 30s
44 708 ROBIN Fabienne HOROQUARTZ 11d 7h 21m 8s
45 774 OGER Jean-Marie BRAZIL FOREST - E.LECLERC 11d 11h 37m 24s

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