Maserati out of luck

Giovanni Soldini's modified VO70 gets nailed by an area of high pressure on W-E transatlantic record attempt

Tuesday May 15th 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Mari Cha IV's fully crewed west to east monohull west to east transatlantic record looks set to stand as Giovanni Soldini's Maserati has been entrapped by an area of high pressure.

"We didn't make it - the barometer has started to rise," admitted Soldini.

After building up a solid 200 mile lead over the record time set by Robert Miller's 140ft schooner, Soldini says the weather models changed and destroyed their charge to the finish line. Maserati ended up becalmed in the high pressure that suddenly moved into the boat's path. The weather forecasts originally predicted just after Newfoundland a northwesterly of 20-25 knots which would drive Maserati toward the finishing line. However Maserati only managed to get within 30 miles of the northwesterleries before the high moved causing the wind to relentlessly start decreasing.

Soldini said: "It's a pity. I am really upset about it. A great opportunity missed in an instant, but as usual we were in the sea's hands and we couldn't command it. I hope to have the opportunity to try again. The North Atlantic record falls through and we have to wait for the southerly wind. We showed that Maserati can break Mari Cha IV's record, it only needs a better weather situation, more settled and steady than the one we faced."

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