Introducing the Volvo 65 one design part 2

We take a closer look at the design of the new Volvo Ocean Race steed
This article follows on from part 1 published here At present - it should be emphasised – the VOD65 design is very much a work in process and while the broad concept has been established there is still much to be done to refine the numbers and finalise the detail. To our eye the VOD65 it is a good looking boat. We like the multihull-style dreadnought bow (didn’t see something like this on the first ABN AMRO boat?), which Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad explains “is a way of putting a 65ft boat on steroids. We would like this to be the fastest 65ft boat around.” So while the boat is 65ft on deck it is around 67ft on the water line and with bowsprit it is around 72ft overall. “We have looked at lots of different bow options from going without a bowsprit to going with all kinds of things but this is where we landed in the end and it gives the boat a signature which is important to us,” says Frostad. The rig is also further aft in the boat compared to a VO70, so with the mast 1.2m shorter some sails such as the genniker are expected to be bigger than those used on the VO70s believes Frostad. To make it more manageable for the reduced crew, so the sail wardrobe has been further reduced from 10 to 7 and without the hefty overlapping genoa so none of the working headsails will be overlapping on the 65. “We are looking at the move towards more furling sails and possibly even leaving sails up as a way to reduce stacking and just pure muscle required for the handling of the boats,” says Farr Yacht Design President Pat Shaughnessy. “And by having less sails in your inventory you have less sails to