Knut Frostad - Volvo Ocean Race update

Photo: Rick Deppe / Volvo Ocean Race
One design progress report, teams and ports for 2014-5 and much more
It’s exciting times for the Volvo Ocean Race. While the months post-race would normally be a reasonably slack period, the team in Alicante is busy at the coal face working in particular on the new Volvo Ocean 65 one design, negotiations with potential stopover ports and helping teams to get to the start line of the next race in 2014. Ports As to where the race is going in 2014, the final bids from potential ports had to be in on 1 November and the organisers are currently in their final decision phase. When this is finalised, the announcement of the ports is likely to be drip-fed out (as they were last time) the first ones coinciding with the publication of the Notice of Race on 21 December with the majority being revealed early in 2013. Impressive though is the number of applicants. “We started with 64 and in the end we cut it down to 30,” says Volvo Ocean Race CEO, Knut Frostad. “It is very good. We were quite modest in making predictions. We expected a big push back in Europe, but we had some really good interest from there, including some new countries and big interest in South America. And China is getting stronger and stronger, which is great.” The number of stopovers for the 2014-15 race is likely to be the same or one less than it was last time around (ie nine or ten). Frostad says that while for the last race they attempted to standardise the format of stopovers, for example their duration, the timing of the in-port racing, etc next time the stopovers will revert to varying in length, although not perhaps for the obvious reasons: “We discovered that it is very difficult to achieve cost efficiency with that because of shipping routes [for containers rather than