Maserati three days from the Horn

However how to get there?

Friday January 18th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

18 days after the departure from New York, Maserati is sailing off the Patagonian coast and is getting closer to the legendary Cape Horn - currently 920 miles away at 1100 GMT). Skipper Giovanni Soldini and his team are expected to round the Horn on 22 January.

"At the moment we are sailing in a windless area" reported Soldini. "We decided to keep the anticyclone on our right side as the other way round was too risky. We've just turned towards the south and we are sailing at 10 knots with 7-8 knots of breeze. In the next hours the wind is expected to increase little by little. We still do not know if we will keep the Falkland Islands on our right or left side. We will do our best to keep them on the left side in order to reduce the miles with westerly winds. In this way, we will then have to decide if we pass through the Strait of Le Maire or not. Everything depends on the high pressure position. The weather models change every six hours and the situation develops continuously. Moreover, as usual, the American and European models are conflicting.

"Anyway, it seems realistic that we will have a lot of wind (around 35 knots) passing Cape Horn. The question is: will it come from the northwest or the west? We'll see. The other certain information we have is that there will be many icebergs and this is quite strange. Up to four years ago it would have been unimaginable to find icebergs at Cape Horn in this season. On board everything is fine, the spirits are high, the team is great".

Every meteorological choice is taken in complete autonomy on board Maserati. They have no external router. The team collects all the weather data from Commanders' Weather.

Maserati has already run sailed miles (of 13,225) in 18 days at an average speed of 14.2 knots.


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