1900 miles to go

Maserati negotiates a second Doldrums crossing on her New York-San Francisco record attempt

Thursday February 7th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

After sailing non-stop for 38 days, Maserati is into the north Pacific Ocean and negotiating the second Doldrums crossing of her New York-San Francisco record attempt.

Giovanni Soldini and his team have still to face 120 miles in tough conditions, then they will finally reach the North Pacific trade winds that will take them in front of San Francisco. There are 1900 miles to go before they reach San Francisco where the estimated arrival time is between 15 and 17 February.

"We have repaired the hole in the mast, Guido Broggi made a great job with the lamination," says Soldini. "About a 100 miles with tough weather conditions still stretch in front of us. Then, when we reach 8°N, we will deal with the high pressure area off the US coast. Maserati will have to sail close-hauled and enter the high pressure before the wind turns northerly and that will allow us to tack and sail on port tack towards the finish line".


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