730 miles to go

Maserati closing on finish of her New York to San Francisco record attempt

Tuesday February 12th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

The modified VO70 Maserati is into the closing stages of her attempt on the New York-San Francisco record.

Skipper Giovanni Soldini and his team are facing some demanding weather conditions, with light and unstable winds that are forcin the crew to make continuous tacks and sail changes. Only 730 miles separate Maserati from San Francisco where her arrival is now expected to be on 16 February.

"We are sailing close-hauled with a light, unsteady wind," reports Soldini. "There are still 730 miles to go to San Francisco but that's in a direct route: there will be at least 950 if we consider all the tacking. I don't think we will arrive before February 16th because unfortunately the wind will drop a little, according to the weather forecast".


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