Back for his seventh Volvo Ocean Race

Atlant's Richard Brisius tells us of the all-female Team SCA campaign he's running
While numbers on the start line in the next Volvo Ocean Race still seem light, at present with only three confirmed teams, one of the most positive aspects of the 2014-5 race is the return of Swedish management company, Atlant. Run by Johan Salen and Richard Brisius, both former sailors in the race (Salen was on The Card, Brisius on Gatorade and Brooksfield), Atlant is masterminding the all-female Team SCA, the first team out of the blocks for the next Volvo Ocean Race. Previously Salen and Brisius have run some of the strongest campaigns in Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race history, starting with Intrum Justitia in 1993-4 to EF in 1997-8, the race’s first two boat campaign featuring the Paul Cayard-skippered winner, EF Language. Atlant was formally set up in 1998 and has since run Assa Abloy in 2001-2, following this with two campaigns with Ericsson culminating in Torben Grael’s victory aboard Ericsson 4 in 2008-9. Since the 2008-9 race, Brisius has got a ‘proper job’ in the real world, and an eminent one at that, as Global Head of Marketing Communications for the Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson. “It was a real job for sure,” he says. “I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a lot as well. I guess some learning I can bring back into what I am doing now, which is good.” In fact it is a job he still vaguely holds, as in order to be involved in this latest Volvo Ocean Race, Brisius has had to take a three year sabbatical from his employer. “I wasn’t planning to come back, but when this opportunity came up and we were asked to manage it, I was able to go. So I am very excited to do it.” One of the reasons his return to the race has been possible is that ownership