Longer DSS foil for Wild Oats XI

She’s the Grande Dame of ocean yacht racing and had near a dozen makeovers in the past 10 years.  Now it’s hoped her latest upgrade will literally wing her to unsurpassed levels of

The latest Tonnerre

Piet Vroon has acquired the Ker 51 Varuna as his new boat Tonnerre 4. The boat will be launched in Key West in January 2015.

Leopard sets new ARC course record

Unprecedented in the 29 year history of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the ARC Course Record has been broken for a second consecutive year following ideal trade wind sailing for the largest trans

Team Vestas Wind crew rescued

The stranded Team Vestas Wind crew are finally on their way back to civilisation after two days sitting on a remote ‘sand pit’ in the Indian Ocean.

Ragamuffin 100 launches

As family, friends and well-wishers looked on, Syd Fischer OBE launched what he has dubbed “my giant surfboard”, his newly hulled Ragamuffin 100, at Sydney City Marine in Rozel

Considering options

The stricken Team Vestas Wind VO65 continues to lie on Cargados Carajos Shoals 220 miles NNE of Mauritius after she ran aground there at 19 knots at the weekend forcing her crew to abandon her.

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