The OBR's role

Team Alvimedica’s Amory Ross tells us what life is like for the On Board

Long flight south

The OCR's role

Along with Yann Riou on board Dongfeng, Team Alvimedica's Amory Ross is the only repeat offender among the MCMs, rechristened On Board Reporters for this Volvo Ocean Race (to emph

DSS foils to revolutionise IMOCA 60 fleet

The sub-text to last week’s decision by IMOCA to place no further restrictions on its class rule is that it will permit both the six new IMOCA 60s currently under construction, as well as the

Dongfeng breaks rudder

Overnight off the west coast of Africa, the Volvo Ocean Race leader Dongfeng Race Team suffered a collision that caused her rudder to break.

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