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Carlo Borlenghi / www.borlenghi.com
Star seems definitely not to be in for Rio, where sailing kicks off in anger in August
Boooo...no Star for Rio 2016While there is still no official line on this from ISAF or the IOC (which one imagines is a bit tied up with snow-related matters at present), collective opinion indicates that the Star class is not going to feature at Rio 2016. The RYA has heard nothing official on the subject, and ISAF came back to us: “The IOC confirmed the ten events back in 2013 and recently approved the qualification system for those same events, as we published last week. These are the ‘official communications’ from the IOC at this point and it is clear that the Star is not included – there is nothing more than this on the subject right now.” Star Class President, Lars Grael told thedailysail that even he hadn’t had confirmation of the Star’s position, although he felt it not being included for Rio 2016 was accurate. Previously he told us: “The Star should come back as it represents keel boat sailors (more than 50% of sailors worldwide) at the highest level competition. It’s traditional and at the same time technological. It attracts internationally famous sailors and gives a strong and healthy image of yachting to the media.” Even before the latest round of conjecture, RYA Olympic Manager Stephen Park felt that reinserting the Star as an 11th sailing event for Rio 2016, as a special dispensation to the Brazilian hosts, was extremely unlikely. “That would be something fairly exceptional, but from a sailing perspective, an additional medal - it is pretty hard to do anything other than support it.” If there is to an extra medal added for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, it is most likely to be for kitesurfing - which was initially in for Rio 2016, until ISAF overturned their decision and reverted to the RS:X classes. Obviously