Farr 400 - successor to the Farr 40?

James Boyd Photography / www.thedailysail.com
We look at the latest offering from the doyennes of the one design keelboat
Of the new generation 40 footers, the Farr 400 is something of a surprise. The boat looks very different to its successful but now 16 year old predecessor, the Farr 40. As well as aiming to be a successful round the cans one design, the Farr 400 seems likely to have some potential offshore (something few Farr 40s achieved) but one of the most significant features of her design is that the boat can both be trailed and squeezed into a standard 40ft container for relatively inexpensive shipping. The design for the Farr 400 was commissioned by a third party, Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies. Managing Director of PCT, Hannes Waimer, in the 1980s set up German composites company SpeedWave and followed this in the late 1990s with DK Yachts in Malaysia. DK was a licensed builder of the Mumm 30, Farr 40, Farr 52 and Farr 36, as well as marketing their own Mark Mills-designed DK46. In 2006 Waimer founded Premier Composite Technologies in the UAE. Boat building is very much a sideline to their primary business, manufacturing architectural parts in composites. Significant projects have including the 27 sliding domes for the Holy Prophets Mosque and the Emirates Palace Dome in Abu Dhabi. American Dee Smith (who gave us a tour of the boat – see the video below), and has been involved in the development of the Farr 400 has visited their facility. “They have over 1000 people working there and they go through huge amounts of composite materials, both carbon and polyester and epoxy, etc. They have a lot of old SP engineers working for them doing their stuff. So to do a boat like this ends up being quite cost effective, because they have the tooling - a five axis milling machine that is 28m long by 10m wide and