America's Cupdate with Iain Percy - part 2

Artemis Racing's Team Manager on recruitment, structure and safety
This article follows on from part one here Hiring At present Artemis Racing has completed around 95% of its recruiting, leaving them at around 55 people, although this will grow to around 80 once they get into their ‘build phase’, with the Protocol required parts of the boat (ie the hulls) being built in Sweden and most of the rest at the team’s base in Alameda. Percy says that 55 is slightly less than last time. “A large percentage of the costs are personnel, so saving personnel saves money. It is always hard to know, because you’ve learned more about the type of challenge it is going to be [ie about the design of the boats] and you can be more educated in your decisions. But then with Luna Rossa announcing 83 people, it’s clearly not happening for them! But we don’t feel the need to do that.” While the ‘design space’ may be smaller with the AC62, compared to the AC72s, Percy observing other teams says this is only making a small impression on design team size, with typically around 22-25 personnel rather than 30. In addition the sailing team this time comprises eight rather than 11. “The numbers do come down, but as ever there are more teams than did it last time, so people can put a premium on their experience too, which adds to the cost. All in all, I think we aim to do it for less than we did last time as a team, but it is not going to be by a long way.” While Percy won’t divulge Artemis Racing’s budget for the 35th America’s Cup he reckons that Ben Ainslie’s estimate of £80 million to be “fairly accurate”. Structure While he may be best known for his Olympic medalware, Percy also holds an economics degree from Bristol University, where