• Alinghi 5
    The PhDs on Alinghi 5 | 09/02/2010
    We speak to Chief Designer Rolf Vrolijk and structural guru Dirk Kramers
  • Alinghi 5 and BMW Oracle Racing's USA await the wind
    No wind, no play | 08/02/2010
    Alinghi meteoroligist Jack Katzfey discusses the weather after windless opening day of AC33
  • Alinghi 5 - final day training
    Alinghi 5 out training on final day before the 33rd America's Cup
  • The AC33 jury in session
    Jury decisions | 04/02/2010
    We look at the seven points decided upon for the 33rd America's Cup
  • BMW Oracle Racing's revolutionary solid wing sail
    That wing | 03/02/2010
    We look at the nuts and bolts of the BMW Oracle Racing tri and its amazing solid wing sail rig
  • Alinghi head trimmer Simon Daubney
    Uber-trimmer | 28/01/2010
    Now on his seventh America's Cup Alinghi headsail trimmer Simon Daubney tells about his role
  • Alinghi's helm turned coach Ed Baird, talks us through proceedings
  • Photos: Key West 2010 | 23/01/2010
    Stephano Gattini a long way from home
  • BMW Oracle Racing shows her potential
    Clocking the BMW Oracle trimaran in Valencia and seeing it hitting four times the wind speed!
  • A lengthy day of rhetoric | 21/01/2010
    In Valencia yesterday Russell Coutts and Ernesto Bertarelli gave their conflicting views over the outstanding 33rd AC issues
  • Port America's Cup
    Tumbleweed central | 20/01/2010
    A video tour of the Port America's Cup marina BUT also Alinghi 5
  • The latest images of the mega-multis
  • Singapore mud sling | 13/01/2010
    The latest from the 33rd America's Cup quagmire
  • Ainslie's 2010 | 12/01/2010
    The TeamOrigin skipper looks ahead to this season
  • One month out from the AC33 start gun, meteorologist Roger Badham tells us of Valencia's weather in February