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In just one day, everything has changed in the Volvo Ocean race fleet

Friday February 1st 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
From Stu Bannatyne aboard illbruck comes this e-mail

Jamie Takes a Cold Dip

January 30 has rolled around again as we crossed over the International Dateline and we have a new lease of life from our biggest bloke, Jamie Gale. He has proven to be a sensation this leg so far and from what we have seen thus far, we are looking forward to what amazing feats he will dazzle us with next.

He has been moving with the speed and agility of a man half his size, but thankfully his renowned strength has not suffered in the least. He is still the only guy around who can pull code zeros to the masthead solo and then be back on the pumps for a solo grind in the blink of an eye.

Always a gentleman he will be the first to offer a round of coffees or to bail the bilge. It was his misfortune to draw galley duty for today (and yesterday due to the aforementioned hiccup in time) not a word of complaint as the dishes were done and the galley left spotless for two consecutive days.

Another fine example of Jamie's newfound dedication and commitment occurred this morning. On discovery of some weed fouling our strut drive Jamie declared emphatically, "This is bullshit, we are sailing around with weed on, I'm going in. Where are the flippers?"

While Ray scrambled for the flippers and mask someone casually mentioned the fact that we were approaching the latitude of Stewart Island and the water might be a bit chilly. "No problem," replied Jamie, "As a nipper back in Auckland, I used to dive for scallops in water a lot brassier than this, in winter". Not even a nearby basking seal would put him off as he leapt in, removed the offending weed and was back on board before anyone could even offer him a hand. As he went below to dry off, his parting comment to Crusty was, "Maybe you could go a little slower than 4 knots before sending me in next time?"

Thank you Jamie.

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