• Your feedback | 29/08/2002
    More debate about the Commodore's Cup and the new Bethwaite trapeze harness
  • Trapeze revolution? | 22/08/2002
    Julian Bethwaite's new quick release trapeze harness has been longin development
  • Peter Bentley brings us his sweetest images of the British team competing at Lunenburg, Canada
  • Claire Bailey and PlayStation captain took at 20ft Ventilo cat from Antibes to Corsica
  • Beefy Ben | 18/07/2002
    madforsailing caught up with the new Finn European champion, Ben Ainslie
  • Team GBR cat specialists send this report from last weekend's regatta in Martha's Vineyard
  • By 'eck pet | 16/07/2002
    madforsailing talked to Paul Brotherton about his recent successes at the Sailing Games and 49er Worlds
  • Percy's progress | 08/07/2002
    The Finn Gold brings madforsailing up to date with his Star programme and his near Farr 40 victory
  • The art of the gybe-set | 08/07/2002
    An RS400 sailor wants to know when and how
  • 49er Worlds photo gallery | 07/07/2002
    Images from Luca Villata
  • Gunning for Finn gold | 19/06/2002
    Reigning world champion Sebastien Godefroid from Belgium tells Andy Rice about his plans for Athens
  • Getting your rig right | 03/06/2002
    Andy Rice advises a Fireball sailor on the mysteries of prebend and mast rake
  • The SPA experiment | 29/05/2002
    Andy Rice weighs up the pros and cons of some interesting innovations at the Dutch Olympic regatta
  • SPA Regatta | 26/05/2002
    The action in pictures
  • The mad French foiler is in Ocean Village