• Final straight | 18/09/2002
    For the 14 competitors waiting to start the Around Alone with Thursday's preview
  • The Snake in New York | 17/09/2002
    From the Big Apple our slidy Around Alone correspondent wonders why the boats are tied up to a decommissioned aircraft carrier
  • Maxi Worlds photo gallery | 16/09/2002
    Top images of the action from Porto Cervo by Carlo Borlenghi and Max Ranchi
  • James Boyd caught up with Emma Richards prior to yesterday's departure of the Around Alone
  • Totally unhinged | 13/09/2002
    Our Around Alone correspondent, The Snake, takes us on a mental tour of a singlehanded sailor
  • Maiden 2 record | 10/09/2002
    James Boyd caught up with skipper Brian Thompson to find about their secretive round Britain record
  • The Daily Sail spoke to designers Nigel Irens and Vincent Lauriot Prevost about mast breakages and structural failures
  • Maxi Worlds photo gallery | 06/09/2002
    Top images of the action from Porto Cervo by Carlo Borlenghi and Max Ranchi
  • In the wake of Ellen | 27/08/2002
    Karen Hodges makes it around Land's End
  • Your feedback | 23/08/2002
    Some heated debate on the Commodore's Cup, sailor classifications and Graham Dalton's qualification
  • Panic major | 21/08/2002
    madforsailing caught up with Graham Dalton who has 10 days to get to Newport to qualify for Around Alone
  • Morty's viewpoint | 20/08/2002
    Farr International's Peter Morton gave madforsailing his thoughts on the Commodores' Cup
  • More from the madforsailing Box Brownie
  • Commodores' Cup review | 19/08/2002
    madforsailing spoke to many of the top players about how they felt the race had gone
  • Moloney on board | 17/08/2002
    Nick Moloney reports back from his first solo experience on board his Open 50