Team Adventure Get Rolling

Cam Lewis makes crucial weather and navigational appointments

Marina Yachting Sardinia Cup

It's not an Admiral's Cup year, and it's September, so it must be the Sardinia Cup

Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 11th September

A couple of millimetres has the British Olympic Star team getting the files and filler out - Ian Walker writes from Sydney

Beadsworth - Sydenham - Parkin

Preparation complete, Britain's Olympic Soling team wait for the first gun

Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 9th September

The weather continues its relentless efforts to derail the preparations of the British Olympic Star team, but they're working round it - Ian Walker writes from Sydney

24 hours and a Whole Pile of Miles

Neal McDonald talks about breaking the mono-hull and multi-hull distance records

Fourth before - a medal this time?

Ed Gorman talks to Shirley Robertson, in Sydney for Britain in the Europe

A First Olympic Appearance

Ed Gorman talks to Hugh Styles, Britain's Tornado representative in Sydney
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