News from The Race

An update from the non-stop, no rules lap of the globe

Olympic Predictions

Ed Gorman has put together madforsailing's country by country guide to the form book in Sydney

Controversy hits sailing in Sydney

Chinese withdraw both their Laser and Europe sailors, by Ed Gorman

BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 14th September

Mind games, little sleep and tough calls ... Conrad Humphreys writes from LG FLATRON


One day to go to the 2000 Olympiad, Lisa Walker writes from Sydney

Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 14th September Part Two

With the Opening Ceremony looming, British Star representative and Atlanta silver medallist, Ian Walker, writes from Sydney

BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 14th September's diary writer, Andy Magrath, reports from LG FLATRON

Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 13th September

Ian Walker's recovered from his cold, and phoned with an update on his preparations in Sydney, writes Mark Chisnell

Iain Percy

Britain's Finn star just wants to stay cool, Ed Gorman reports from Sydney

Tornado Trampoline Trouble

The Australian crew hit a little measurement difficulty, Ed Gorman reports from Sydney
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