• Leopard - the full story | 16/04/2002
    James Boyd speaks to skipper Chris Sherlock about the recent rudder loss on Mike Slade's maxi
  • Leg 6 in photos | 15/04/2002
    The choice snaps from yesterday's action-packed Volvo leg 6 start in Miami
  • All to play for | 12/04/2002
    illbruck's Stu Bannatyne assesses the form for the rest of the Volvo Ocean Race
  • New Foncia launched | 11/04/2002
    madforsailing talks to Alain Gautier about his new 60ft tri which Ellen MacArthur will again be racing on
  • Maiden voyage | 10/04/2002
    From Reading and Vilamoura, James Boyd brings news of Tracy Edwards' giant cat
  • The reluctant hero - pt2 | 09/04/2002
    Neal McDonald talks to James Boyd about his plans and what to do with the Volvo Ocean Ocean
  • The reluctant hero | 08/04/2002
    madforsailing talks to Neal McDonald about the Volvo and his plans thereafter
  • Open 60s in 2002 | 05/04/2002
    James Boyd looks at what happening in the Open monohull circuit this year
  • Solo sailing's new star? | 04/04/2002
    James Boyd speaks to BT winner Conrad Humphreys about his Vendee plans
  • Entry list for September's solo circumnavigation shaping up. James Boyd looks at the form
  • The old campaigner - pt2 | 03/04/2002
    Grant Dalton talks to James Boyd about the futures of the Volvo Ocean Race and himself
  • Introducing Zephyrus V | 02/04/2002
    First of new maxZ86 class of turbo sled launched
  • The old campaigner | 02/04/2002
    Grant Dalton talks about Amer One's progress and clears up a few rumours about the girls
  • Prang without penalty | 31/03/2002
    John Greenland looks at the implications of SEB getting off the hook
  • Sam Davies diary | 29/03/2002
    Sam recounts her first sailing experience on board her new 110ft catamaran Maiden II