• See Franck Socha's photo sequence of Le Defi Areva decimating a spinnaker and Thierry Martinez' immaculate shots of Alinghi
  • Beauty on the Haurali Gulf from some of the world's finest photographers
  • New kids on the block | 01/10/2002
    GBR Challenge lose but by narrowest of margins - Ed Gorman reports from Auckland
  • James Boyd looks at the complex route to the Louis Vuitton final
  • Turning on the pomp | 28/09/2002
    Auckland turns out en masse for the America's Cup parade
  • Tick-tock-tick-tock | 28/09/2002
    Le Defi Areva's Sebastien Destremau gives the insider's view with just moments to go before race one
  • New Mills dk46 | 27/09/2002
    Introducing a new mark Mills design for IRC
  • On headsail trimming a Cup boat and the structure of GBR Challenge's sailmaking team
  • Australian beauty | 20/09/2002
    One of the best looking 'sheilas' at Southampton Boat Show is the JS9000
  • Product of Latvia | 20/09/2002
    The Rob Humphreys H22 sportsboat is now available in glass at an extremely attractive price
  • The spying game | 18/09/2002
    Le Defi Areva's Sebastien Destremau describes the amusing scenario of Alinghi lining up against Oracle
  • OneWorld diary | 17/09/2002
    Navigator Mark Chisnell gives his view on the latest goings on in Viaduct Basin
  • Maxi Worlds photo gallery | 16/09/2002
    Top images of the action from Porto Cervo by Carlo Borlenghi and Max Ranchi
  • Swan Cup photo gallery | 16/09/2002
    Images from Carlo Borlenghi, Guido Cantini and Simon Palfrader
  • America's Cup update | 09/09/2002
    All you need to know about activity in Auckland from 1 October